Zima Red Gets To Know Metakovan, The “Largest NFT Collector in the World”

Metakovan – The Metaverse Renaissance

From Zima Red:

My guest today is Metakovan. Metakovan is the largest NFT collector in the world and recently spent $2.2m dollars on acquiring twenty 1/1 Beeple art pieces. All of his NFT-related endeavors are through an entity called Metapurse which is half NFT fund and half production company.

We hit it all in our conversation, his background, his thesis, his goals, we could have talked for hours and hours. I loved how Metakovan discusses his acquisition of the Beeple pieces and his future plans with something called B20 which is going to change the way people experience art.

For an example of what to expect from Metakovan’s B.20 project:

screenshot of tweet with virtual museum images