Mintable Launches NFT Minting With No Gas Fees For Minting

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Today Mintable launches its new option for minting NFTs without paying gas fees. This is not a system of deferring fees but the minting process is slightly different. However, it’s as simple as clicking a check box for crypto artists and NFT creators to choose this rather awesome option.

Mintable, a leading crypto art and NFT marketplace, has been going through a variety of changes. But, for many crypto artists, today’s introduction of gasless minting could be the most important piece of the puzzle as the crypto art market continues to struggle with high gas fees.

According to an early draft of today’s official announcement, when you begin the process of creating a new item, you will have the option of “Gasless (no transaction needed)” or “Traditional (transaction needed).”

checkboxes for gasless vs traditional minting

You may then mint an item as usual with all of Mintable’s features and options including:

  • Batch Minting
  • Upload private files (300mb file limit on the private file, 100mb limit on the preview images, all files can be uploaded from mp4s, mp3s, jpgs, to GLB and zip files)
  • Make all sorts of NFTs from video NFTs to music, to access tokens, etc.

When a buyer purchases your NFT, they will pay the posted purchase price and the gas fee for the buying transaction and that’s it.

The other noticeable difference for those keeping track is that the NFT will not show up in your wallet until purchased. That is the first event that creates a public record rather than being recorded at initial minting.

Beyond being a huge cost-saver for anyone minting NFTs, this approach opens up minting for lower income artists as well as artists who want to experiment but are unsure of buyers’ interest.

What this also potentially opens up is a new home for NFT spam creation. Mintable’s addressing that with a soon to be released voting system designed to improve discovery of higher quality NFTs.

It will be interesting to see how Mintable’s spam fighting approach works in real life. Hopefully it will truly help forefront excellent art since that is a problem on open platforms in general though some might say the same thing about curated platforms depending on one’s taste!

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