Paola Castillo On How Digital Artists Succeed In CryptoArt

How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart & Acknowledging Black Artists | Paola Castillo

Recently Ann Marie Alanes updated her guide to Rare Digital Bird, a series of video interviews on YouTube. These include transcripts which are a great resource for cutting to the chase when you’re pressed for time or want to directly quote from something somewhere in the middle of the broadcast.

For example, Paola Castillo’s advice to artists:

I would say, just don’t give up. Don’t, don’t, don’t. Because later on in life, you might regret it, because you’re going to be like, “Oh, I should have done it. I should have done this and that.”

And also, never, never, never compare your work to someone else’s. Everyone is built differently, do things differently. They’ve probably been doing this for a while, so that’s why their skills are a little more advanced and stuff.

But never look at someone else’s work and try to compare it to yours. Always be yourself. Always make sure that your work is yours, not take someone else’s work.

And if you do, let’s just say, when it comes to me, I use someone else’s photos and stuff, and then I make it into illustrations. I always make sure that I credit them in, because at the end of the day, that’s their work.

And like I said, never give up. Always be you. And just stay focused, determined. There’s going to be days you may not have a lot of inspiration. Nothing’s coming to your mind or whatever. Just go ahead, look around, take a day or two. Maybe you need to relax or something.

I love to look through our books, magazines, and just gather ideas. And then once you gather ideas, then you can, like, “All right. Now I know what’s my next piece going to be about.” So that’s the thing. Just never give up.