Social Money Creator Roll Tops’s Social Dapps Chart With Crypto Art’s Help

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Big news for leading social money creator Roll as it tops’s Social Dapps on Ethereum chart for 30 day trading volume. While you may have seen recent headlines focused on influencers or musicians, crypto artists are a huge part of Roll’s history.

As Roll cofounder Bradley Miles shared when asked by Crypto Art Press about crypto art’s role in its success:

It’s integral. Roll started in the cryptoart creator category. From @ConnieDigital to @skeenee_art and dozens of others all the way to collectors like @WhaleShark_Pro who now have their own social money. We wouldn’t be here today at all if it weren’t for crypto art. I would probably advise other Web3 entrepreneurs to get to know creators in this category and find a way to collaborate.

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Tweet from Roll Co-founder and CEO Bradley Miles

Roll’s trading volume for 30 days is $30.06 million USD. If you check out the chart, $11.03 million of that is due to Hackatao’s social currency $MORK. Note that the overall Ethereum social dapp trading volume is $30.86 million USD so it’s mostly Roll and a big bag of $MORK!

$MORK is currently third on Roll’s Market Cap leaderboard with $WHALE from WhaleShark.Pro and $WHALE Community at no. 5. So crypto art related tokens continue to be a big part of Roll’s success.

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Tweet from Roll Co-founder and CTO Sid Kalla

With this foundation, Roll promises to have a big future. That foundation includes recent funding of $1 million USD bringing their total funding to $2.7 million USD.

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Tweet from Bradley Miles on the Future of Roll